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Lorenzo LaMantia has a mission to empower others to achieve prosperity and freedom. An entrepreneur at heart, Zo (as many people call him) learned the virtue of hard work and discipline when he joined the Marines at the age of seventeen. After his honorable discharge four years later, he moved from his native New York to California, where he introduced New York soft pretzels, to the hungry Californians. Zo went on to become one of the foremost leaders in the direct marketing industry, where he also discovered his passion for seminar production. During his career, he has trained and guided countless others on how to market with ethics and integrity, and how to achieve prosperity and freedom. Lorenzo is committed to the highest ideals of peace, harmony, acceptance, and the preservation of personal freedom.
He also believes in the principles of personal accountability, and that individuals have the right to pursue their lives as they see fit so long as they do not infringe upon another in any way.
He is convinced that when people are prosperous, educated, and free they will make responsible and humanitarian choices. Lorenzo also believes that when people are informed and empowered, they will change themselves. And when people change themselves, they change the world.
However, Zo’s friends and associates are made up of people who share the feeling that something very basic has gone wrong in our world, and that important values are at risk.
We are being told that war will bring peace, slavery will bring freedom, and that ignorance is strength. And today we have more war, a failing environment, a loss of human rights, worsening global health, and a faltering educational system. These inequities put our very existence in peril.
Yet millions have also been awakened to the fact that there is a better and more balanced way of life – a new paradigm of peace and prosperity.
They seek financial freedom to get off the treadmill, escape the rat race, and actually make a difference in their homes and their communities. They seek knowledge to make better-informed decisions in this rapidly changing world, and they are well aware this knowledge is not to be gained from the nightly news.
Lorenzo has a positive message, and the number of people who are ready to hear this message is exploding.

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About Lorenzo "Zo" LaMantia

Success Trainer and Coach! Helps people who are sick of the "rat race", to work from home and make more money and have more fun than they ever did in their career.
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