Disappearing Cash!

The latest annual inflation rate for the United States is 2.1% through the 12 months ended May 2014, as published by the US government on June 17, 2014. But wait: doesn’t seem that prices are rising at a much higher rate than 2%?
THAT is the decline of the dollar. Everyday the dollar will buy less and less because everyday it is worth less and less. What can you do to protect you and your family?

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Which would you choose?

What would you rather have: $10,000 in cash or $10,000 in gold?

How about both?

Join the world’s first GLOBAL

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Become a Gold Millionaire!

Learn more: http://www.foundyourfortune.com

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EVERYONE needs to get involved!


Nuff said!

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MONEY…Want More?

drop card

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I have this huge dilemma!

I use, love and share Visalus products and probably always will.  Many people in Visalus are making money and doing great and many more are struggling…not everyone has the talent and “stick-to-it-ness” required to make it in network marketing.  My problem is I needed to make money…real money, right now.  I’ve known about another business that is not MLM and doesn’t compete with Visalus but stayed away from jumping in because I felt like I needed to focus on only one thing.  I’ve noticed recently that some of our leaders have mentioned other business interests so I felt that it’s time I mention mine.

In October I put my toes in the water with this other business. I felt like I would be a traitor and kept it quiet from my friends and family in Visalus.  During October I made more money than I made in a year at Visalus. In November I made 9 times what I made in Visalus for all of last year.  I work about 4 hours a day…4 days a week.  I want my friends to be aware of what I’m doing but here’s my problem… I don’t want to recruit from Visalus but I want to at least tell my friends on my personal Face book page what I am doing and give them the opportunity to partner with me if they would like to.  I’ve wanted to make a Face book post for a long time but was concerned that it might look like I was recruiting from Visalus. So please if you want to build a residual income with an MLM…there is no better place to be than Visalus.

BUT, If you or someone you know are looking to start earning serious money this month:  We offer a fast and easy, step-by-step turnkey system AND daily live support from me and my team of proven 7-figure earners.

We are NOT an MLM business and we’re crushing it in this bad economy, and so can you.  With a simple 3 step system that locates and informs serious prospects FOR you, by using a short recorded and then live call with senior partners there to answer all questions and provide support and training, you will never have to answer questions.

If you are an individual who can recognize a truly priceless business model and consider yourself a self-starter and action taker, then you must call this number for a 3 minute recorded message: 559-650-0039


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I feel so proud!

I know that this is just a commercial but no other country in the world is lucky enough to have our diversity. This kids are a mirror to what is so special about America. They make me feel so proud. Please watch some of these kids:

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